Teenage Acne Problems – Does Hormones Causes Acne?


Do not get a tan when you are having acne problems. This will only cause your acne to aggravate. It may seem that when you get a tan your redness disappears and you look much better, in fact this can serve to make it worse. There are risk often associated with tanning and tanning bedssuch as the skin damage that can occur, and this may hurt more than it will help.

One of the similarity in feature between pustules and papules in that they are small, round lesions. Very much different to papules, pustules are severely inflamed and contain pus which sometimes can be highly visible. They may appear red at the base with a yellowish or whitish center. Most people will assume that because the presence of pus, acne pustule must be filled with bacteria. This may not be entirely true.

Teenagers are the most prone to suffering acne problems due to the fact that their hormones level somehow cause the glands to produce more oil.Primary oil producer in the skin is located near the hair pores also known as follicles. A problem may arise when the skin over produce the top layer and cause the keratin to plug the sebaceous glands pathway. Sebum is an ideal location for bacteria to breed, even more so when the oil are somehow blocked. Inflammations of the skin are caused when the body tries to fight the bacteria and blood vessel surrounding the area will expand to allow your antibody to fight.When your body starts to fight an infection, you’ll notice pus developing.

Over production of oil by the sebaceous gland may sometimes be triggered by the hormonal fluctuations. Sebum is secreted by the sebaceous gland and as the hormone level triggers its enlargement, the amount of sebum will also increase. High amount of sebum and the blocked pores will give rise to a optimum condition for bacteria to breed. The appearance of acne is due to the presence of bacteria feeding of the excess oil causing the skin in the area to inflame. As the initial mechanism that triggers this condition is due to the hormonal changes, therefore we can see that most of adolescents suffers from acne breakouts.Apart from that the hormonal changes can also cause physiological changes in teenagers which will also trigger acne problems.

Acne is a common problem among teens, and it is not always clear up by adulthood. Getting rid of acne is a quest that you have to take with precautions as there are a lot of treatments that may or not be compatible to you.

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