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Age is such a fact of life that is probably the most enriching yet the most hated experience all over the globe, unanimously by everyone. For ages, men have been trying to figure out a way to stop aging and its effects, but all in vain. Reversal techniques of aging have been researched for by many a scientist, but the result has been always the same – zilch, naught. But has man given up? The answer will be a no with a capital N. Anti-aging has evolved into a business proposition, ranging from herbal drugs, therapies, vitamin doses to injections and magnetic procedures.

We have come up with some such medications that people from different nationalities and races and ages have come to believe that may slow down the aging process, if not stopping it entirely. The lure of an extended longevity of life is always one of the best business ideas that have ever cropped up.

The basic ideas that have propelled the fact that one can actually stop aging has been carved from the following legends or half-truths.

Antediluvian Legends – People believe that if they continued with the diet of the ancient ages, they would probably live as long as the people in the fables did. The fact that the earlier food products were devoid of pollution and high in proteins, carbohydrates and other minerals had a strong assistance in propping this up for good. The `diets` proposed as anti aging themes are propelled from these legends.

Hyperborean Legends – Places where nature is at its best is where you can live long, is anther popular fad about anti aging. This has helped push forward the travel and tourism packages to places such as Kashmir and Georgia to promote anti aging.

Fountain Legends – These legends revolved around the idea that there were hidden magic pills and waters and fountains of youth that led to anti aging. This legend again has helped promote anti aging products such as pills and capsules and botox treatments and anti-aging liquids.

Nowadays, many of the anti aging products has caught o with the people because of aggressive marketing. The main product is the stimulant for `hormones`, especially the human growth hormones (HGH) that are supposedly responsible for reversing the aging process. Skin elasticity, increase in mental acumen and the rise in libido are the main factors that govern whether a person is aging or not. The prominence of these represents a youthful body, and hence may provide a good substitute for the anti aging fountain that you had been looking for. Also various kinds of waters are sold off as anti aging liquids, as well as anti-oxidants that supposedly make up for deficiencies in an old man`s diet, which is not entirely true though.

Other anti aging procedures that have been tested and set up are going under the knife to stop the continuous process and also the usage of various youth-aggravating creams and lotions. Even though they are not usually of any good, the psychological advantage for the aging guys is a big boost in handling the pressures of the bowing spine.

If there is any sure shot anti aging drug, it is exercise. While it has no side effects, exercise, whose forms may range from gardening, cleaning the car to sex, can psychologically and physically keep a senior citizen from falling into the clutches of old age early in life. Though it will not stop the aging process, (nothing can actually), it will make aging a process sans any pain or discomfort, which is so necessary for happiness in these last stages of life of a human being!

Roberto Sedycias works as IT consultant for PoloMercantil.

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