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When it comes to anti wrinkle eye cream, there might not seem to be a whole lot to think about. You buy the cream, you apply it around your eyes, and that’s it. Right? Well, actually, there’s a little bit more to it than that. When shopping for creams, whether online or at your local department store, you might find some labeled as “day creams” and some as “night creams.” Which begs the question, “What’s the difference?”

In this article, I will discuss the best anti wrinkle eye cream for day and night use.

Creams for the Day

These creams are designed to be applied first thing in the morning, before you head out to work, or drop the kids off at school. They usually contain ingredients designed to help combat the problems most of us deal with when we first wake up in the morning, namely dark circles and puffiness under your eyes. They might also contain ingredients to help protect the skin around your eyes from sun damage, which is usually responsible for most visible signs of aging.

Creams for the Night

Night time creams are designed to be applied right before you go to bed at night. Some of them are a little heavier than day creams, containing more moisturizers to help fight the dryness that can make your skin vulnerable to fine lines and wrinkles. They might also contain ingredients like alpha hydroxy acids, which help fight wrinkles and dark circles while you sleep.

General Creams

There are some creams that can be used both in the day and at night. These creams are usually packed with concentrated moisturizers, to help fight dryness, and keep the skin around your eyes supple and hydrated. The problem with some general creams is that they don’t all deal with the problems that might be concerning you. For example, a cream that helps alleviate under eye puffiness won’t necessarily do anything about those dark circles. So, before buying a particular cream, it’s important to read the label carefully, and make sure it addresses all of your concerns.

Also, the labels on these general creams often say that you can use them either once or twice a day; in the morning, at night, or both. Well, you should probably go with both. Only using the cream once a day might seem like it would be a time saver. But you want to give the cream as many chances as possible to do the job you want it to do.

Proper Application

Some people apply eye creams in a way that can make you cringe. But keep in mind that the skin in that area is very delicate, even fragile. So, when applying a cream, don’t tug on the skin, or use too much pressure. You should even avoid rubbing the cream in. Instead, use the tip of your finger to gently dab the cream in until it is absorbed. If you absolutely have to rub, use soft, gentle strokes.

Using an anti wrinkle eye cream can help take years off of your face. And using the right cream the right way will help you get the results you want faster than you ever imagined.

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