Bridal Beauty Countdown



* Meet with your beauty consultant to discuss your bridal gown style, accessories, skin and hair care needs, and book your initial appointments. Avoid any last minute stress by pre-booking your appointments now to ensure you lock in your preferred dates & times.

* Would you like to grow out your hair or try a new color or cut? Start experimenting now with hair extensions and highlights.

* Get a hair trim to remove any split ends and keep in good condition.

* Begin your skin regimen with your first skin analysis and custom facial. Religiously follow a personalized cleansing and moisturizing plan.

* Schedule a nail-strengthening manicure and apply a nail strengthening top coat weekly.

* Start your wedding day shape-up plan with regular exercise and drink plenty of water (9-13 cups per day is recommended by the USDA).

* Avoid sun exposure and apply sunscreen every morning. Begin a stress-relief regimen. Make a date with yourself one night a week for some non-wedding fun – try Reiki or a relaxing massage.


* Now is a good time to experiment with tanning products. Air brush tanning provides a natural, gorgeous glow and can be customized for individual preference.

* For chemically treated hair, avoid chlorinated pools, hot tubs and Jacuzzis. It can discolor and be much harder to correct.


* Hold a bridal beauty clinic for your attendants. Guests will enjoy a skin condition analysis and beauty tips for the wedding day.

* Exfoliate and moisturize – soft and silky elbows, hands and feet are marriage musts.

* Want a sparkling big-day smile? Cut down on tea and coffee and try Crest White Strips or a professional bleaching system by your dentist.

* Make all needed salon & spa appointments up to your wedding day to avoid any last minute crisis.

* Decide on your wedding day fragrance. Certain scents can invoke powerful, nostalgic memories.


* Trim and color hair as needed. See your stylist and makeup artist for your practice up do with veil and practice makeup application.

* Deep condition your hair preparing for those harsh sun rays on the honeymoon. Try a MicroMist Ultrasonic hair therapy for a silky, soft mane.

* Organize your Bridal emergency repair kit. Suggestions include:

Throw-away garter, earring backs, clear nail polish, small

sewing kit, masking tape (for ripped hems), white and off-

white chalk, Tums, Tylenol, small first aid kit, nail file,

deodorant, hair spray, bobby pins, lint remover,

toothpaste/brush, nail clips, corsage pins


* Pack a skin care and makeup kit for your honeymoon.

* Enjoy your last facial before the big day – allow enough time for skin irritation to subside.

* Time for that special couples massage to re-group with your sweetie and reconnect. You probably haven’t had much quality time as a couple over the past several months!


* Wax eyebrows, bikini area, legs to allow for any skin irritation to subside. Properly groomed and shaped brows help enhance and add expression to the face and are without a doubt an essential step to completing any wedding makeup application.


* Get your final airbrush tan application with a gorgeous bridal shimmer.


* Get a manicure and pedicure. Pay the technician before getting your nails done to avoid nicking the polish.

* Gather your accessories together. Try on your entire ensemble including wedding gown and veil. Note any last minute repairs and needs.


* Eat Breakfast!

* For a long-lasting scent, smooth on a fragranced body crème and body powder after your bath or shower.

* Wear a button-down shirt for your wedding day up-do appointment (should be done prior to your makeup application).

* See your makeup artist for your makeup application. Select waterproof mascara and make sure your foundation matches any changes in your skin color – particularly if you had an airbrush tan application. Get touch up tips to maintain a photo-perfect look throughout the day.

* Apply fragrance before slipping into wedding gown. Never spray fragrance near clothing as it can stain the fabric.

* Begin dressing in your gown about 2 hours before the ceremony to allow enough time for photos.

* Once your dress is on, put on your jewelry to avoid catching gems on lace.

* Secure your headpiece just before the first pre-ceremony pictures are taken.

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