Skin Darkening Effects and Remedies


Skin darkening can be a very embarrassing problem. It can bring down your confidence level and can mar an otherwise very beautiful appearance.

You skin can become dark due to a number of reasons such as bruising, suntans, taking certain foods, medications, or because of diseases such as Addison’s, scleroderma. Skin darkening can occur during pregnancy when there are changes in the body’s hormone levels. Some people have darkened skin in specific areas of their body, due to hereditary.

Most skin darkening problems can be solved using skin creams specifically formulated for this purpose. However, if the darkened area increases in size then it could be a sign that it is malignant and you need to consult you doctor on this issue.

If medial treatment is required for skin darkening, your doctor will ask you questions such as what was the first time you saw the skin problem to occur, if it got worse as it progressed (did you developed rashes or lesions ?) and if you took any medications for it? These are asked to establish the cause of skin darkening and to determine if any tests are required.

The types of tests that may be conducted include the following:

  • Skin biopsy
  • The affected areas will be examined under Wood’s Lamp
  • Test may be conducted for checking thyroid levels
  • Hormone stimulation test can be conductedMost of the skin darkening problems can be treated, which means hope for people affected by skin darkening.

    Some skin treatment [] methods include ultra-violet lamp treatment, anti-fungal ointment and even surgical removal (moles which have changed color). Lasers are also used to treat skin problems, but this is done occasionally. There are also situations wherein the skin pigment that’s darkened changes back to normal without any medication or treatments.

    Whatever be the type of treatment, never try something yourself such as using bleaches as it can aggravate the problem. Always consult a dermatologist because they will provide the right insight into this problem.

    Additionally it is better to go in for emotional counseling to deal with the emotional stress of the problem and learning how to cope with it. Emotional stress can range from mood swings, loss of hope to downright depression because of the changes you need to do in your lifestyle as a result of this problem, (for example, you need to hide parts of your body such as your hands by wearing long sleeves because of skin darkening, which otherwise would be exposed). Reaction of people who see your unsightly appearance can be difficult to deal with as you are not looked in the same way now as you were earlier, when you did not have the problem, (people may stare make comments). You may have to under-go surgery if your case is a bit complicated and you need to learn how to deal with the stress and tensions associated with this situation.

    If skin darkening is caused by mild factors, you can go in for some home remedies.

    Here are some home-remedies you can try to reduce skin darkening:

  • Make a paste of tomato juice and oatmeal and apply it on your face. Wait for about 20 minutes and rise with cold water.
  • A paste of turmeric powder and lemon juice helps to reduce tans.
  • Soak almond and grind it to a smooth paste. Apply this paste on your face and leave to dry overnight. It’s very effective.
  • Mix one spoon of honey, lemon juice, almond oil with milk powder and apply it on the face.None of the above mentioned methods will give any side effects and they are age old recipes for skin darkening problems. If you find your problem to persist you should consult a doctor or a skin specialist to get it under control.

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