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Have you ever noticed how much care and attention goes into female nails? If you ever go to the beach or to a place where everyone is wearing sandals, you will see how many women have their toe nails looking spiffy, and finger nails to match. But what if you are one who wished to have your nails look natural, like they did when you were in your teens? Well, lets’ talk about this because just the other day, I purchased the most amazing product from an Israeli Company with a cart inside the mall.

Name of the Beauty Product is; SEACRET

Name of the Company; E.L. Erman Cosmetics Manufacturing

Price; Around $89.00 retail

The secret to SEACRET is its ingredients; minerals from the Dead Sea, a special proprietary blend, and boy does it work well. The full package comes with a body lotion, buffing block, cuticle oil, and a nail file that is very impressive in its abilities. During the ad hoc demo by a rather model looking gal, she took my hand and started working on one of my nails, within minutes it was super smooth and then after she put on the cuticle oil, it looked like it was brand new, like it did when I was in high-school.

After a week, I was certain it would be back to its “scrungy” self, but no, it still looked brand new. Interestingly enough, as I write this now, over a month later, it still feels and looks like it did when she gave me the demo, wow, very impressive. I think I’d recommend this product to any woman who cares about her nails, as I’ve never seen anything like it. Amazing.

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