Don’t Wear Orange


Linda Strickland Plus-size-fashion-series:

slim down with black, don’t wear orange, red is fun, neutrals are neutral put some pounce in that closet.

Are you happy girl? If not you need some happy clothes. I don’t care what city or town you live
walk down the street and what do you see? Women wearing, black, brown, neutral. In the large
cities women will become a little more adventurous.

You’ll see 5 women in neutrals and maybe one will be wearing that sky blue pant suit. Maybe that’s
why I love the spring. All the spring colors come out and I begin to feel alive. I love the colors.

Now don’t get me wrong I still love black.. It can make you look 120 pounds when you weigh 250.

Black is my diet pill.. But do you own anything that makes you laugh when you put it on? I’ve got
this great yellow duck umbrella that I just love to carry when it rains.

Get some glad rags. If your closet lacks color, refuse to buy any more navy, beige, brown,
or black until your wardrobe is more vibrant. You may hear the inner voice that your mother
so cultivated, shouting, A pink suede skirt? That won’t go with anything!

Perhaps. But it will make you want to shimmy.

Wear more red. It’s the only color that’s both bold and classic, and every woman
can find a shade that flatters her. If you’re not sure what looks good on you, go
to an upscale makeup counter and ask them to help you find a red lipstick that
works with your complexion. Once you’ve found something attractive, you can
buy red clothing with the same base shades. Nothing beats a red dress for sex appeal.
If you don’t believe me, lick your finger, press it to your hip, and make a sizzling sound.
Now isn’t that more convincing when you’re wearing red?

Pay attention to color tones. Pastels work better with other light colors,
while saturated colors work well together. Pale pink is beautiful with beige,
but dark pinks are nicer with a chocolate color.

Linda Stickland is the founder of She publishes a free plus size fashion newsletter called reflection in the mirror.

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