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If you are one of the millions of women whose hair has started to thin, you will now how damaging hair loss can be to self esteem, self image and confidence. However, due to advancements in our knowledge of vitamins and diet, today it is possible for thinning hair women to say no to hair loss.

There are many factors which can lead to hair loss.

Stress can cause produce rapid hair loss. You may lose bunches of hair after an illness or major surgery. This hair loss will only be temporary. However prolonged stress may have a knock on effect on hair loss.

Deficiency in vitamins can also cause hairless however although vitamins can be used to increase hair growth, too much vitamin A can actually cause your hair to fall out as it is insoluble in water.

Hormonal imbalances can also result in hair loss. When the hormone imbalance is corrected the problem may stop.

Women may also notice hair loss around 3 months after childbirth. While pregnant hormones are released that stop hair falling out that would do otherwise. When the hormonal levels of the women return to normal, the hair that would have normally fallen out will fall out.

Pulling on hair that is worn in pigtails or cornrows can cause a type of hair loss called alopecia. Scarring can cause permanent hair loss, however the process can be reversed if the pulling is stopped before scarring of the scalp occurs.

The best way to combat hair loss is to monitor your diet to make sure you are getting the right supply of vitamins and protein. Vitamin supplements in the form of hair growth vitamins can be taken in order to ensure that you are providing your hair with the right amount of vitamins. Some, for example provillus also combat hormone imbalances. Say NO to thinning hair women.

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