Cubic Zirconia Fine Jewelry Offers Style and Economy


Are you one of those individuals who have champagne tastes, but live on a beer budget? Do you find that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but you can only afford glass? If this describes you, consider the fine assortment of cubic zirconia fine jewelry available for your fashion needs.

Cubic zirconia are created at high temperatures in a laboratory. They are valued especially for their strong resemblance to diamonds. This mineral’s hardness makes it as durable as diamond, and its crystalline structure allows it to be cut in many styles, which makes it very useful for jewelry design.

Furthermore, scientists have learned how to add different chemicals when making zirconia. These chemicals change the color of the resulting product. Hence, cubic zirconia are available in almost every imaginable shape and color.

In fact, scientists have perfected this technique to such an extent that some manufacturers have attempted to pass off cubic zirconia as real diamonds. Although several features distinguish them from real diamonds, sometimes only a trained professional is able to tell the difference with complete certainty. In general, however, cubic zirconia are heavier, not as hard, and act as insulators, rather than conductors, of heat.

Because these synthetic, or man-made, gems can be cut into any shape that the manufacturer desires, these stones are ideal for use in jewelry making. They can be used in bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings of almost any style. This allows the maker almost unlimited creativity in the design process.

Jewelry made using cubic zirconia is widely available. A quick search on Internet shopping or auction sites will reveal a wide array of fashions from which to choose. Many local department stores and fashion boutiques also carry a sizable quantity of fine jewelry merchandise made for nearly any shopper’s budget.

Although the majority of jewelry designed using cubic zirconia is made from gold plated metals or sterling silver, many products are often available in 14kt gold as well. This allows customers to purchase fine products with attractive designs without paying thousands of dollars for real diamonds. The art of making fine jewelry using cubic zirconia, in fact, has been perfected so much that even engagement and wedding rings feature this mineral!

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