How To Safely Clean Your Diamond And Gold Jewelry


It can be difficult to maintain and clean gold or diamond jewelry because the cleaning methods differ according to jewelry settings. Fine jewelry is like a valuable possession crafted and designed to be kept for lifetime. Proper care should be taken in order to ensure that the quality of gold and diamond jewelry lasts forever.

Gold and diamonds are valuable material for making jewelry. Since buyers have to spend a lot of money in buying them, it is essential to clean and store them in a proper manner so that the original beauty of these precious materials can be enhanced as well as retained. You can either do the cleaning at home or give it to a jeweler to do it for you.

Due to use of hair styling products, oil or hand lotions, a film of dust and dirt sets on gold and diamond jewelry and because of this they don’t sparkle. If you don’t clean them, these materials can get accumulated in a thick layer of gunk, usually found on the back of the stone or gold jewelry. Even though diamond is considered to be a hard gemstone, scrubbing it vigorously and using harsh cleaners can remove the material and coating, which is used for enhancing it. So it is essential to be very careful while removing the film and dust.

Before cleaning try and find out if there are any treatments, which were used on the diamond before being placed in a setting. If you know this, it will be easy for you to clean it. The first thing you should do is, soaking the jewelry in a warm solution made out of water and mild liquid detergent. You can either use ivory liquid for dishwashing or any other mild detergent.

After soaking it for sometime, you need a soft brush for removing dirt. A brush with stiff bristles should not be used otherwise the metal setting of the ring will get scratches. After cleaning it with a soft brush, swish it around in the solution and then rinse the jewelry properly in warm water. Remember to put the jewelry in a strainer or close drain so that you don’t lose it.

The next step should be drying it with a cloth that is lint-free. You can also use a stream of water for the grime to be flushed away. Even a toothpick can be used so that dirt is pushed away carefully from the stone.

Water solution or ammonia solution can be used for diamonds that are not fracture filled. Diamonds that are fracture filled should be cleaned with a gentle liquid detergent. Eventually, the coating on the diamond gets removed or clouded with the use of ammonia. If there are other stones besides diamonds, then you need to be extra careful. The weakest and most delicate jewelry should be taken care of the most. A cleaning method that is usually meant for stones which is less durable can be used for other gemstones.

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