Silver Cross Pendants – The Newest and Hottest Styles of the Year


If you start to look around you in day to day life you will notice that more and more people are wearing necklaces. Silver cross pendants, tribal pendants, pendants that reference horoscopes, and many others are making a comeback and offer not only uniqueness to the individual, but can offer a belief or special memory as well.

Out of all of the different type of pendants that can be sold crucifix pendants are some of the most popular. Silver cross pendants offer not only a cheaper solution to gold or diamonds, but look just as nice and if properly maintained will keep their shine and luster for years to come. These durable pendants are usually more reasonably priced as well. Here are some of the hottest styles available.

1. Celtic Cross – this Irish based cross is one of the most popular types of silver cross pendants for sale. While many people purchase this type of pendant for religious purposes, many believe that the Celtic cross is indicative of the human need to know and understand the mystery of life. The four parts of the cross are also known as the four ways to ascension. These four ways are expresses as ones self, nature, wisdom, and god.

2. Tribal – These crosses are usually unique in design and focus more on working the design around the cross than trying to represent religious belief. Nevertheless these are still used for religious belief, but more of a well dresses intent.

3. Engraved – Whether it be someone you care about, one of your childrens name, or even a special pet that had a great sense of value. More and more people are engraving names on their silver cross pendants. Not only is it cheap and easy to do, it also provides sentimental value and a story behind the necklace.

4. Dog Tags with a Silver Cross Pendant -This is a new trend that is being seen by troops and soldiers world wide. While we all know that a cross can represent the marked grave of someone that died in combat, the dog tags represent the soldier and give more of a emphasis on the meaning of this combination. While many people do not engrave the dog tags or the cross pendant, the intention is usually know and is a sign of someone that has lost a loved on in war and they are wearing that combination to acknowledge and honor that special person who gave their life to their country.

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