The Ideal Valentines Gift


As February 14th approaches, the thoughts of many men turn to what they should buy their wife or girlfriend to show their more romantic side on Valentines Day. Jewellery is often a popular choice – the wide array of different pieces available means that there is normally something to suit the woman in their life, whilst at the same time suiting their own wallet and budget.

For the truly romantic, the ideal valentine’s gift for their girlfriend may be an engagement ring and proposal on the 14th. This requires careful, thought out consideration of the right ring, and some secret research into her ring size and taste – this is one piece of jewellery that no man wants to get wrong! As well as making a positive future commitment, this gift also has an added bonus for the man – it will always be easy for him to remember the date he popped the question!

For the less adventurous, or the already married, gifts of necklaces, earrings and bracelets are a good alternative, providing that care and thought is used to select the appropriate piece (or pieces). Heart shapes are an easy Valentines selection, significant of the romantic nature of the day. However, the most important aspect to consider is the type of jewellery the lady in question normally wears – what metal does she like, how big does she like her jewellery, does she have a favourite stone, what else does she have in her jewellery box? Taking all these things into account, and the advice of a local jeweller should mean that the lady is pleased and appreciative of her gift, making a happy and enjoyable Valentines Day far more likely.

However, whatever gift is chosen and whatever the amount of money spent, the most important thing to remember is that it is the thought that counts, but jewellery is a fantastic Valentines thought!

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