Wristwatches – Short History


A watch can be considered a timepiece made to be worn by a person. As technology has developed, the watches in our days don’t display only the time but they can also display the date. Electronic watches can have even more functions.

Wristwatches became popular in 1920s. Before them, people used to wear pocket watches, most of which had covers, were attached to a watch chain and were carried in the pocket. These types of watches are usually regarded as jewelry. Collectible watches are appreciated for their aesthetic value. Most of the time, they have mechanical movements and are powered by springs.

In the old days, men used to wear watches according to their attire. Whether informal, semi-formal and formal the watch could have been gold, simple and thin. Today, the dress code has changed and even sport watches are worn to different occasions. Some watches can be decorated with precious gemstones on the face or on the bracelet or they can be totally made out of precious stones.

The notion of geek- watches designates watches that don’t only show the time but the hands turn anticlockwise, the numbers are displayed with LEDs in a binary numbers and so on. Most companies that produce watches usually specialize in one or more of these market segments.

Some wristwatches can have functions such as alarms, stopwatch, calendar, minute repeater and many other more complicated functions. The watches that have so many functions are very sought after by collectors.

In our days, a wristwatch is regarded as a device to tell time but also a status symbol. The modern wristwatch has become a piece of modern culture. People wear their wristwatches proudly today but many years ago no gentlemen would have been caught wearing this type of watch. There are firms that have succeeded in developing watches that meet the need of both the fashionable and the practical.

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