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Lingerie is intimate; probably the most intimate thing a lot of women will ever own. When buying something so intimate, there is an extra special feeling when you know that it has been crafted just for you with careful attention to your personal preferences and your body’s uniqueness. This is a feeling that is difficult to find in store-bought lingerie.

Every woman is special and there is a uniqueness about her that cannot be replicated in another woman. Your lingerie should celebrate this uniqueness and play up how special you are. The problem with most lingerie is that they are created for generic women. Of course, no woman is ever generic since even women of the same size have various physical differences. Finding lingerie with the perfect fit can be an exhausting job. This is why more women are going for handmade lingerie.

Handmade lingerie is created with the specific user in mind. Although the styles might be similar, you have the added advantage of having specific details worked unto yours. You might decide that you want particular handmade lingerie but in a shorter form or with more or less lace. The lingerie is yours and yours alone and you have the uniqueness of your intimate wear to prove it.

One reason why handmade lingerie has become popular over the years is the conscientiousness with which each piece is made. Emphasis is not often on making the most profit but more on giving the best customer experience as a result, handmade lingerie is often made from the finest fabrics that can be found. An example is handmade lingerie made from bamboo fabric, which encompasses all that is fine in intimate wear. It combines the sheerness of silk with the breathability of cotton to produce luxurious items that are not only affordable but are also extremely Eco friendly.

Bamboo fabric is a favorite for handmade lingerie because it is a purely organic fabric that is also soft and smooth. It contains antibacterial and antifungal properties which make it ideal for intimate apparel. These properties and the sheerness of the fabric mean that your lingerie can comfortably lie next to your skin without the risk of allergic reactions.

Lingerie is known to improve the quality of life of a woman and beautifully made lingerie only adds to the inner and outer beauty of a woman. Using handmade environmentally friendly lingerie not only improves the quality of your life, but will also contribute to improving the quality of life on earth by reducing your own personal environmental footprint.

Lingerie is an extremely personal matter and buying it does not have to be impersonal. Handmade lingerie is a way to buy lingerie that is made and fitted with you in mind, giving it that personal touch. When your lingerie lies comfortably next to your skin, you know that a lot of thought and care went into creating that special piece for a very special lady.

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