Calcium – It Is More Important Than Most Think

Calcium is a very important mineral because it is used in the formation of teeth and bones. Almost 99% of calcium if found in these structures where as only 1% is found in tissues and body fluids for helping important functions such as muscle contraction, cell metabolism and transmission of nerve impulse. Trucker’s complete nutrition contains 50 mg of calcium per serving to help maintain teeth and bone health.

Calcium Functions

Calcium’s main function is in solid structures of the body. That’s the reason why it is the most abundant of all minerals that are present in humans. Almost 1.2 kg of calcium is present in the skeleton of young adults. Calcium is moved continuously from bones into the blood and from there it is transmitted to other parts. Hormones play vital role in this movement. The absorption of calcium is spontaneous but one of the vitamins known as D vitamin with its metabolites plays vital role to increase the absorption of calcium in the bones.

Although found in high amounts in body skeleton, it is also required in cell biology in small amounts. It exhibits binding properties and can bind with proteins. Due to this property it is used in nerve impulse transmission. In blood clotting mechanism it is used as a catalyst to activate the clotting factors.

Calcium Deficiency

Calcium deficiency in the body can cause a very serious disease known as Osteoporosis which means porous bones. It destroys the balance in the bone creation and destruction which reduces the strength of the bones. With age the entire body system starts to degrade slowly and so is the strength of bones. If proper calcium is not taken loss in strength can occur in early ages. With age keep on taking a good supplement such as trucker’s complete nutrition that contains calcium as well as vitamin D and other nutrients.

Moreover, calcium deficiency can also cause hypocalcaemia which cause muscle twitching, numbness and tingling effect. If deficiency is high muscle spasm can be involved. In case calcium is present in more then required level then it can cause nausea, and can lead to deposits of calcium in kidneys and heart which is very dangerous. This is usually due to excess amounts of Vitamin D. A proper balanced supplement such as Trucker’s complete nutrition should be taken to maintain adequate amounts after consulting your physician.

Who is at risk of Osteoporosis?

Men are at risk of developing this disease but in men the disease usually starts 10-15 years later then women. In postmenopausal women almost 80 percent of them suffer from osteoporosis. The reason for this is that at menopause the production of oestrogen hormone declines rapidly. Common fractures that occur due to weak bones are hip, vertebra and writs fractures. The risks of osteoporosis are also increase with smoking, alcohol, underweight and lack of exercise.

Calcium at Rescue

To prevent these problems two things need to be done by us. One is to have strong bones as much as possible until the age of 30 and to minimize the bone loss afterwards. To fulfill this you need to take proper diets and supplement such as Trucker’s complete nutrition in order to maintain healthy bone life.

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